Campus de les Arts is a project uniting all centres for higher education in the arts in Catalonia. As a platform of debate and knowledge active since 2018, Campus de les Arts is dedicated to shared goals related to advanced degrees (Masters and Doctorates), academic research, teaching and pedagogical training, along with the material, human and economic resources related to these areas.

The project of Campus de les Arts was initiated by CoNCA, the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts (Arts Council of Catalonia), with the leadership of the University of Barcelona. It represents the following creative fields in the context of higher education: the visual arts; design and fashion, theatre, dance and the performing arts; classical, modern and contemporary music; cinema and audio-visual creation; the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. 

Future Location at Can Ricart

Campus de les Arts has a future location projected for the Can Ricart complex in the Poble Nou neighbourhood of Barcelona. The project will restore and transform a heritage industrial factory complex from the 19th century, found in the cultural axis of Barcelona’s 22@ district. Can Ricart will be conceived and designed as a facility for the shared use of the full breadth of centres dedicated to higher education in the arts in Catalonia. In the same complex is found the artistic creation and production centre Hangar, which participates in the project.

Projected Image of centre for Campus de les Arts at Can Ricart, Barcelona


Participants and Future Projects

Campus de les Arts will organise official MA and doctoral programmes, will host research groups and projects emerging from collaboration amongst participating institutions, and will be dedicated to the training of teachers for all levels of education for all cultural fields, including primary, secondary, university and non-regulated. It will also be the location for an Observatory of artistic education in Catalonia. Likewise, a group of expert technicians and administrators will work at Can Ricart to give support to the project. The participating centres in Campus de les Arts are actively collaborating to conceive and define the building’s layout and uses.


For the autumn of 2019 Campus de les Arts is organizing the conference INDISCIPLINES. Conference on Research in Arts Practice. It has also organised encounters of researchers and professors from participating centres in the project. 

Currently Campus de les Arts is participated by 19 faculties, centres and institutions of higher education, with a total of some 8000 students.

Campus de les Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts-UB, Studies in the Arts and Humanities-UOC, ESCAC, EINA, Escola Massana, ELISAVA, ERAM, BAU, ESDI, ESMUC, ESDAP Catalunya (Escola Superior de Disseny i d'Arts Plàstiques de Catalunya), ESCRBCC, Institut del Teatre, Conservatori del Liceu, Taller de Músics, Jam Session, IED, LCI-Barcelona and Eòlia. With the participation of Hangar and the collaboration of CoNCA. 

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