Campus de les Arts is firmly grounded in the broadly-based consensual decisions of the universities and educational centres that comprise it. Its goal is to organise its activity by means of three kinds of structures.

1) Structures to facilitate activities:

  • CIRAC (Centre Interdisciplinari de Recerca en Arts de Catalunya) [Interdisciplinary Arts Research Centre of Catalonia], is conceived to host projects in interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer, along with graduate studies programmes, all within five overarching thematic areas: practice-based artistic research; meta-research or research on artistic research; materiality and new craft; art and education; art and community. 

  • EFPA (Escola de Formació del Professorat Artístic) [Artistic Faculty Training Centre], is conceived to promote and organise initial and continuing training programmes to achieve the highest pedagogical skill level possible for faculty dedicated to university and non-university artistic education. It will also serve the pedagogical training demands of those teaching artistic subjects in secondary education.

  • OEAC (Observatori dels Ensenyaments Artístics de Catalunya) [Observatory of Artistic Education in Catalonia], is conceived to be a point of reference for the sector and for all levels of the public administration in systematising information gathering and organising debates in a variety of fields of arts education.



2) Governing structures:

  • Institutional Commission, comprised of the key public administrations and universities within Campus de les Arts, as well as other participating public administrations. 

  • Academic Commission, comprised of representatives of the faculties and educational institutions participating in Campus de les Arts.

  • Scientific Committee, comprised of prestigious research professors, with the purpose of directing Campus de les Arts research, graduate studies programmes, knowledge transfer and training programmes, under the direction of an appointed head. 

  • Advisory Council, comprised of institutions, facilities, enterprises and professionals who choose to be associated with the activity of Campus de les Arts on an ongoing basis.


3) Management structures:

Campus de les Arts will have a management team conceived to ensure everyday operations (human resources, maintenance, economic management, and so on). Its primary purpose will be to centre on institutional relationships in promoting and consolidating the merits of the participating centres, taken as a whole, broadening their potential for social and international presence.